We live in a world of creativity and amazingly we found many things in different areas. People with their own interest choose his/her interest and become succeed in their own lives. In such way, I am here to relate this observation with my beautiful experience with others because sharing is such an awesome thing which gives immense pleasure.

Once upon a time, I was in college and I lived in hostel, usually we gathered with friends and always discussing in any one the random topic because we all believed that discussing in the one the full proved technique to came across any conclusion. Days were passing, and we didn’t able to find out some new thing to spend our time and make a good use of it. It’s Obvious when we do any task with lot of friends it become awesome and memorable.

One day, one of my friends from hostel itself came across an idea, he illustrated his idea in such a way were all listen very interestingly. He told us, I found a game which comes in a category of online casino and slot machine games known as jester’s jackpot which provides enormous offers like when you sign up you can play for free with deposit bonus, free spins and much more. Not only this, it also enables you to win real cash money with many promotional codes.

From the next day we planned and strategize how we play, we setup an awful environment to play online casino, then within few minutes we started to play with teams. Literally, we enjoyed a lot and make a complete fun. After a complete gameplay we won huge prize money of 50000 and successfully we converted our spare time into happiness with joy and also we sets commendable experience with awesome memories.

Review of Prince of the Night Slot

This Prince of the Night slot machine lets you battle the ruler of the dark with the Prince of the Night. You’ll be able to find this aristocratic archnemesis by lining up fair maidens, hunters, and sultry raven-haired vampires. Your goal is to get a maximum of 250 coins per payline.

Prince of the Night has rich red velvet curtains, Gothic themes, and classic stonework. It also features wilds and blood gems across five reels. To help you win the jackpot, the blood gem bonus can increase your winnings to 20x.

Vampires – If You Dare

The online slot game Prince of the Night is a thrilling combination of high stakes, actual and aristocratic Vampires. It’s ideal for players who enjoy a bit of Gothic horror and big winnings.

Blood gems, a seasoned vampire hunter, and the classic antagonists to any vampire novel ensure that players are entertained while enjoying the Victorian romance element with worn-out, sinister architecture.

High 5 Games created the online slot game Prince of the Night. They have combined a classic vampiric atmosphere with modern slot technology to create an exciting online experience.

Dance with the Prince of the Night

Online slot Prince of the Night offers 50 ways to win on the five reels. Each symbol has three symbols. The maximum possible win per payline is 250,000 coins. You can place a bet of 50 to 50,000 coins. Each currency adds a 0.01 multiplier to the payline.

You can also find prominent wild symbols such as the Prince of Night, the Queen and Hunter, and the Vampire. There are also letter tiles and number tiles. These fantastic tiles can be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. They can replace any symbol other than the blood gem.

This game has an RTP (return-to-player) of 96.5% which is an excellent value for online slots similar to it. You can play Prince of the Night for free to get used to it. Every spin could allow you to win the Prince of the Night online slot game. The table below shows how much each line might be worth.

Autoplay lets you spin fast

Prince of the Night allows you to use autoplay to spin quickly for the thrill and excitement of quick wins. You can turn it automatically 10 to 100 times per minute without having to click. You can have it stop when you win a certain amount or if your wins increase between 500,000 million and 250,000,000 coins. You can also set a loss limit between 500,000 to 12,500,000 coins.

You can activate the bonus game and choose to have it stop automatically. This will allow you to win free spins. This is a great way to play the Prince of the Night slot machine.

Blood Gem Bonus

The blood gem bonus is activated when you get three blood gemstones. These blood gems can be found on reels 1, 3, and 5. This bonus game gives you seven spins for free, where you can collect more blood gems. All card groups appearing on the payline will be added to the pot. The main challenge is to collect as many blood gems as possible during the game.

If you have collected enough blood gems, you will be taken to the next screen. There are ten options. Each option has a different reward that can be used to increase your total wager by 3-20 times. The maximum payout for the picks is 120 times your wager. The bonus game ends once you have selected the number of choices you qualify for.

If You like Vampires

NetEnt’s Dracula is a game with a similar theme. It features a dark and brooding environment, key vampire themes, and offers a similar piece. Vampire Princess Of Darkness is PlayTech’s traditional slot. It has unlinked reels and a traditional look. Although they all follow the same theme, their play has many differences.