Similar to Microgaming’s, Playtech is an online casino software supplier. They rank second to Microgaming in terms of reputation and the number of online casino sites they offer. It was valued at 1 billion dollars, which speaks to its trust and high reputation. According to what I found on the internet, there aren’t many mobile casinos that use Playtech software as of yet. However, this company is known for its active development and that is why I believe their number will rise sooner than expected. Three mobile casinos currently use the Playtech software: Golden Palace Mobile Casino, Tropez Mobile Casino and XXL Club Casino.

XXL Club Casino is the most supported casino. Another pleasant aspect is the pop-up banner that promised a 10USD bonus for mobile casino players when I visited the online casino site. My bonus was granted within minutes, but I lost it as soon as I received it (the minimum deposit is 2USD per spin). As I do with Playtech casinos, after that I declined the bonuses, made a deposit, and began playing my favorite mobile casino games. Although it’s possible to make a deposit and register on the online casino website, I must say that this was not the case.

Results from mobile wagering:

I began playing blackjack. As it is in Microgaming mobile casinos, the minimum stake is two dollars. I couldn’t resist playing with this stake. It was very interesting to see the results: 57 wins (! There were 57 gains (! ), 38 losses, and 5 pushes. This was a clear distortion in my favor and resulted in 33 USD gain. It is important to note that there were 3 losses and 8 wins, with the push deal in the middle. It was four blackjacks, which was in line with the norm. The results of doubling were not impressive. I won just two of seven deals (the chance of doubling your winnings is more than 50%). It is a mixed result. On one side, I have won a lot and on the other, I have won too many to test the casino. Doubles are also problematic. Perhaps it is compensation. ).

The second mobile casino game was Videopoker. The game featured the “Jack or Better” standard with a 6/9 normal payment table. The stakes at Playtech mobile casinos are much wider than those in Microgaming. You can play coins from 0.05 USD up to 5. USD. Five coins were USD 0.25. Again, the results were odd: 14 pairs, 15 pairs, two pairs, 12 Treys, 12 treys and not one flash or street. There were also three fulls. There is no other explanation for these statistics than my pairs remarkably turning into full-houses and treys. It is no surprise that 10 USD was earned from such a small number of cards. The doubles were split into equal parts. Half was a win, half was loss. Playtech also has another chance to double the gains in Videopoker.

I downloaded a European Roulette from this mobile casino just for fun. I only played a few rounds – just for fun. To place your bets, you first run with the joystick along the stakes field. Next, you will press the spin button to see the wheel. The results would be displayed when the ball lands. The offline mode is more convenient, especially for multiple bets. This mobile casino roulette game has the advantage of allowing you to make blank spins. However, the minimum bet is 2 USD for betting on numbers. I haven’t been playing this mobile casino game enough to make any money.

Implicitly, it was luck. Otherwise, such gains and distortions cannot be explained. There is nothing negative to be said, however, I enjoy the Playtech online casino, the game is fair, and there are no issues with the mobile casino version. The mobile casino had nice graphics and a large selection of games. It is easy to use a joystick. It takes about half an hour to play 100 hands. This is the same as in Microgaming’s mobile casinos. Traffic was within the limits of 150Kb per 100 hands and 200Kb for downloading.

Playtech is a great platform for mobile casino games. It has nice graphics and a cool interface that makes it easy for players. Although there are not many mobile casinos that use this software, the number will grow. Because of their good results, we recommend Playtech mobile casinos for wagering.

Playtech, while trailing the powerhouse Microgaming, has undeniably made its mark in the sprawling online casino cosmos. Sporting a dazzling 1 billion dollar valuation, one can’t help but nod at the immense trust it’s cultivated. Now, while mobile casinos flaunting Playtech’s software might currently be a rare sighting, there’s a buzzing undercurrent. Word on the street? Playtech’s not just dipping its toes but is about to make a full-blown splash in the mobile realm.

Dive deeper, and three mobile casinos shimmer under the Playtech banner: Golden Palace Mobile Casino, Tropez Mobile Casino, and the enigmatic XXL Club Casino. Ah, XXL! Its magnetic pull is undeniable. A tantalizing pop-up banner waves a 10USD bonus, a siren call for any player. But, in this whimsical world of bets and stakes, today’s windfall can be tomorrow’s tumbleweed. My bonus? It fluttered away faster than a fleeting dream, thanks to that sneaky minimum stake.

Drifting to the blackjack table, a whirlwind of emotions awaited. A two-dollar stake, mirroring its counterpart in the Microgaming universe, set the ball rolling. And what a ride it was! An avalanche of 57 wins contrasted sharply with 38 losses, interspersed with 5 neutral pushes. The climax? A cool 33 USD profit. And amidst this rollercoaster, a flurry of blackjacks appeared, teasing and tantalizing in equal measure.

But wait, there’s more! Videopoker beckoned with its familiar “Jack or Better” guise. Yet, it’s here that Playtech threw a curveball. The stakes, they spread out like a fan, inviting both the cautious novice and the daring veteran. And the game? It danced to its own erratic rhythm. Pairs transformed, almost magically, into full-houses and treys. And as if that wasn’t enough, Playtech sprinkled in a chance to double the bounty.

For the purists, European Roulette shimmered on the horizon. A game steeped in tradition, yet on Playtech’s platform, it felt rejuvenated. The joystick? Oh, it moved with the grace of a maestro conductor, directing bets and setting the wheel ablaze. My foray was brief, more a waltz than a tango, and while riches didn’t rain down, the ambiance was intoxicating.

Zooming out, one can’t ignore the whims of Lady Luck. But through the highs and lows, Playtech’s genuineness shines. The virtual landscape they’ve crafted, especially on the mobile front, is a tapestry of vibrant graphics and an eclectic game medley. Smooth joystick controls, efficient data metrics, it’s all there. A mirror, almost, to the famed Microgaming mobile realm.

To cap it off, Playtech, with its stellar visuals, user-centric approach, and imminent expansion, is gearing up. It’s not just aiming to share the stage in the mobile casino theater but to own the spotlight. For the discerning player, the message is clear: Place your bets on Playtech’s mobile saga, and buckle up for a riveting journey!