Microgaming is a leader in software development for online casinos. Microgaming was established in 1994 and has launched over 200 slot machines. These include classic 3-reel and 5-reel video slot machines and progressive jackpot slots. In addition, Microgaming typically introduces two to three new slot machines each month. This article summarizes six new 5-reel and 3-reel casino slots.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a pub fruity slot that has a 3-reel and 5-pay-line layout. It’s based on the same movie. This casino game has a wild symbol as well as two bonus games. You can deposit coins as low as $10 and high as 10C. You can wager $10 per spin. If you play your slot correctly, you could win up to $70,000. You can only download a flash version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Break da Bank Again is a 5-reel, 9-pay-line video slot that follows the Break da Bank 5-reel slot. Its theme is money and banking. You can play the casino game for free and get wild symbols, scatter symbols and wild symbols. Break da Bank Again accepts coins from 1C/ to 25C/. You can only wager 90 coins per spin (9 pay lines x 10 coins each). You could win 7,500 coins.

The five-reel, 25 pay-line casino slot Celtic Crown offers free spins, bonus features, scatter symbols, and wild symbols. It is romantic and inspired by mysticism. Celtic Crown can accept coins from 1C/ to 25C/. You can only wager 500 coins per spin (25 pay lines x 20 coins each). You can win the top jackpot of 10,000 coins if you play your slot correctly.

HipHopopotamus is a 3 reel, single-pay line pub fruity slot. It features hip-hop music and a purple “gangsta rhinopotamus”. Maximum wager per spin: $10 (pay-line x 1 coins per line x 10). The staggering price is $30,000. HipHopopotamus is only available in flash format.

Jolly Jester is a comedy about court jesters in Queen’s Castle. This 5-reel, 25-pay-line video slot machine is great for beginners. Jolly Jester features a bonus feature and free spins. You can also find a wild symbol, scatter symbol and scatter symbol in Jolly Jester. Jolly Jester accepts coins from 1C/ to 20C/. The maximum amount of coins that you can win per spin: 125 (25 paylines, x 5 coins for each pay-line). The jackpot top prize is 10,000 coins.

Track & Fieldmouse is a pub fruity machine that has three reels and only one pay-line. It’s just in time for the Olympics. The maximum wager per spin: $10. The maximum coin denomination for this slot is 10C to 10. There are many chances to win silver, gold, and bronze prizes. These range from a piece of cheese to the grand prize of $5,000. Track & Field Mouse is only available in a flash.

These six new Microgaming online casino slots are 3-reel or 5-reel. It is smart to play video slots online or in a casino on a land-based basis. Don’t lose heart if you lose.

Since its inception in 1994, Microgaming has been a pioneering force in online casino software development, amassing an impressive array of over 200 slot machines. Their innovative spirit is evident in their diverse range of games, spanning from nostalgic 3-reel classics to engaging 5-reel video slots and even life-altering progressive jackpot slots. Notably, Microgaming adds to their rich tapestry of gaming options by launching two to three new slot machines monthly. This article spotlights six of their newest offerings in both 5-reel and 3-reel formats, each bringing its unique flair to the vibrant world of online gambling.

Leading the pack is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a 3-reel, 5-pay-line pub fruity slot. Inspired by the cult classic movie, this game enthralls with a wild symbol and two captivating bonus games. With coin values stretching from a modest $0.10 to a more adventurous $10, and a maximum bet of $10 per spin, players stand the chance to bag up to an impressive $70,000. Available solely in a flash version, this game offers a nostalgic arcade feel.

Following is Break da Bank Again, a sequel to the much-loved Break da Bank 5-reel slot. This 5-reel, 9-pay-line video slot plunges players into a realm of money and banking. It accepts coins ranging from 1¢ to 25¢ and allows a maximum bet of 90 coins per spin, offering a jackpot possibility of 7,500 coins.

Celtic Crown, a 5-reel, 25-pay-line slot, transports players into an enchanting world filled with romance and mysticism. Accepting coins from 1¢ to 25¢, it permits a bet of up to 500 coins per spin, with the tantalizing prospect of hitting a 10,000 coin jackpot.

Then there’s HipHopopotamus, a 3-reel, single-pay-line pub fruity slot with a hip-hop theme and a charismatic “gangsta rhinopotamus.” The maximum bet per spin is set at $10, offering a substantial top prize of $30,000. This game, too, is available only in flash format.

Jolly Jester, with its comical court jester theme set in a Queen’s Castle, is perfect for novices. This 5-reel, 25-pay-line video slot boasts bonus features, free spins, and both wild and scatter symbols. With coin denominations ranging from 1¢ to 20¢, players can wager up to 125 coins per spin, aiming for the top jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Lastly, Track & Fieldmouse, a timely Olympic-themed pub fruity slot, features three reels and a single pay-line. With maximum bets of $10 per spin, players can vie for prizes ranging from a modest piece of cheese to a grand $5,000 prize. This game, too, is exclusively available in a flash format.

In summation, these six new slots from Microgaming exemplify the company’s dedication to providing a diverse and innovative gaming experience. Whether you have a penchant for the simplicity of 3-reel slots or the complexity of 5-reel video slots, Microgaming’s latest creations cater to every player’s preference. Above all, the key to enjoying these games, be it online or in a land-based casino, lies in relishing the experience and maintaining a positive outlook, irrespective of wins or losses.